Moving Out

Moving Out?

Here’s what you need to know!

We will inspect your apartment after all sets of keys have been returned to our office. Your security deposit refund is based on this move out inspection. We process the information from the move out inspection and mail your refund check within 30 days of when the last set of keys were returned. Please see the bottom of this page for additional information on security deposit refunds. Below is a list of general guidelines to use when moving out.

The entire apartment must be vacuumed, broom-swept, and/or mopped. All appliances, cabinets, counter tops, sinks, tub(s), and toilet(s) must be cleaned. All trash and belongings must be removed from both interior and exterior spaces of your unit.

All cooking stains must be removed from inside oven, drawer, and burners. All racks must be cleaned and remain intact.

All food must be removed. The inside and front must be thoroughly cleaned and the freezer defrosted. Refrigerator should not be unplugged.

All food must be removed. The inside and front must be thoroughly cleaned.

All personal items must be removed. The inside and front must be thoroughly cleaned.

All personal items must be removed. The inside and front/top must be thoroughly cleaned.

Walls must be painted back to original color if painted by resident, including all cut in, baseboards and doors as applicable. We expect to cover surfaces with one coat of paint. Charges will be assessed if additional coats are necessary. If the walls are damaged by stickers/decals/screws/LED Light Strips you will be charged for the repair.

Storage lockers/bins (as applicable) must be emptied and lock removed.

Disposal arrangements for large furniture items must be made prior to move out, and items must be disposed of off of the property. These items may not be placed in or around the dumpsters.

Keys are due in the office by noon on the last day of your lease agreement. You will be charged a holdover fee of $250/day until all keys are returned to the office.

A minimum 30 day written notice must be given by either you or us prior to the end of the lease term. Submit your notice through TWA by sending a message to the Property Manager.

Please be aware of any height restrictions in garages. Unless your truck meets the height requirements, you cannot proceed into the garage. Damage will occur if you do so and you will incur costs from any damage.

It is your responsibility to contact Duke Energy and Greater Cincinnati Water Works (if you’re responsible for your water bill) with your move out date. Service should not be “disconnected.” By providing your move out date and/or new address, the utilities will be transferred back into our name, and you will receive a final bill.

Is your responsibility to disconnect your cable/internet/phone service and return all applicable equipment (cable box, router, etc.) to your provider. Any equipment left in the apartment after you move out will be discarded. Uptown Rentals will not reimburse you for equipment left behind.

You will need to contact the United States Postal Service to forward your mail prior to your move out date. We will not be able to give you access to your mailbox after you move out and we are also unable to retrieve any mail that is delivered to the mailbox after you move out.

Your security deposit will be refunded within 30 days of key return, in full, if all of the following terms have been met:

  1. The term of the lease has been fulfilled.
  2. At least 30 days written notice to vacate has been given
  3. Your account, including your last month’s rent, has been paid in full.
  4. There are no damages to the apartment, and the apartment and storage locker are clean and empty.
  5. All keys, including your mailbox key, and garage door/gate openers have been returned to the office by the expiration date of your lease.

While every move out is a little different, you can click here for a list of charges we see most often.