Parents FAQ

We know it’s hard when kids ‘leave the nest’ and we are dedicated to making the transition to college life as easy as possible. With more than 30 years of property management experience in the University of Cincinnati area and a staff of more than 100 full time employees, resident care is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. We are large enough to provide quality support to our student housing residents, yet small enough to provide personalized service and cater to the everyday needs of each resident and their unit.

The safety and security of our residents is our top priority. Every single one of our properties includes a secure entry, well- lit walkways and parking lots, as well as new photoelectric smoke detectors. We always encourage our residents to report safety or security concerns to us as quickly as possible.

In addition to our day to day maintenance throughout our normal office hours, we also have a Maintenance Technician on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emergency maintenance calls can be placed easily by calling our main office at 513-861-9394 and simply following the prompts to leave a voicemail for our on-call Maintenance Technician.

You are not required to co-sign a lease with your son or daughter unless they are under the age of 18. Each resident, 18 years and older, will apply individually and sign the lease on their own. For our joint and severally leased units, residents will be required to sign a lease agreement with their roommates, whereas with our individually leased units, residents will sign their own lease agreement.

Every resident 18 years and older is required to complete a rental application and will be screened for rental history, criminal background, and credit. There is a an application fee required for each person in order to submit for processing.

Rental Application

Depending on both the property and the unit itself, we have two leasing styles, which each have a separate lease agreement.

Joint and Several Lease: The majority of our leases are “joint and several” and what most people would think of as a traditional lease agreement. If your son or daughter chooses a unit with this style of leasing, s/he and any roommates will all sign the same lease together. This lease holds every resident in the unit responsible for all parts of the lease, including any unpaid rent balance, damage, and/or other lease violation.

Individual/By-The-Bed Lease: Our “individual” or “by-the-bed” units are thought of more as a dorm style or traditional student housing. If a resident chooses one of these units, they will sign their own lease for an individual bedroom within a multi-bedroom apartment. Other residents will be assigned to the remaining bedrooms in the unit and they will all share the common areas of the apartment. Some properties/units have an assigned bathroom, whereas others are considered shared space(s). While a joint and several lease holds all lease holders responsible jointly, in an individual lease, the lease holder is not responsible for their roommate(s) actions. With the exception of common area damage, which is the joint responsibility of all residents in the unit, your son/daughter is responsible for themselves only. Any properties leased this way will be listed as an “Individual Lease” throughout our website.

Rent is due and payable in 12 equal installments. Monthly rent installments are due on the first day of every month and are considered late after the third of the month.

Payments can be easily made online via Tenant Web Access – this links directly with your child’s account and payments show up instantly. Payments can be made on a monthly basis or set up to process automatically.

Checking Account, Savings Account, and Debit/Credit Cards are acceptable forms of payment in TWA. Cash will not be accepted. Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover are accepted with a 3% convenience fee (for credit cards). There is no fee if you pay with a checking or savings account. Payments cannot be taken over the phone.