Frequently Asked Questions

Renters Insurance

Why do I need it?

We carry insurance coverage for the physical building itself; there is no coverage for your personal belongings and in the event you cause damage to your rental location, or other apartment property. You may be financially obligated to reimburse your apartment community or landlord for those damage repairs. The intent of our insurance requirement is to protect everyone!

What are the requirements?

As part of your lease agreement, you’re required to maintain an active renters insurance policy throughout your residency and provide proof of coverage.

Residents should have a minimum of $100,000 in legal liability protection. This is to protect the property and resident from damage to our property to include damage caused by Water, Fire, Smoke and Explosion.

We require all insurance carriers to list “Uptown Rental Properties” as an “Interested Party” on the Declaration page so the insurance company will notify us in the event of a cancellation or change in policy status.

What are my options for renters insurance?


What payment methods can I use?

All payments will be made in the Resident Portal. Cash payments or money orders will not be accepted.

You can pay with your checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. Credit card payments and Debit card payments are subject to a small processing fee. Use your Savings or Checking account to avoid any fees!

How do I make a payment?

  1. Log into the Resident Portal
  2. Click or Tap “Make a Payment”
  3. Select your Payment Amount
    1. Total Balance
      1. Includes any future charges on your account, for example, parking charges due in the future
    2. Current Balance
      1. Your balance as of today
    3. Other Amount
      1. Enter any amount you wish to pay
  4. Select your Payment Source
  5. Click or Tap “Continue”
  6. Add your payment details
  7. Check the optional box to store as saved payment information for One-time and Autopay payments
  8. If you are using a credit or debit card, remember to check the box for the disclaimer
  9. Click or Tap “Pay Now”

How do I set up Auto-Pay?

  1. Log into the Resident Portal
  2. Click or Tap “Make a Payment”
  3. Click or Tap “Enable AutoPay”
  4. Select your Payment Method
  5. Check the Box to “Enable your automatic payment”
  6. Select which day of the month you’d like your payment to process
    1. 1st day of the month
    2. 2nd day of the month
    3. 3rd day of the month
  7. Select your payment type
  8. Set a “Max Amount”
    1. If you chose “Specific Amount” you can ignore this
    2. If you chose “Total Balance Due” or “Current Balance Due” you might want to consider putting a cap on the payment, just in case.

How do I remove or change my saved payment information?

  1. Log into the Resident Portal
  2. Click or Tap on the Settings Icon in the top right corner
  3. Click or Tap “Payment Settings”
  4. Remove or add new payment settings

Can I split payments with my roommates?

Yes! When submitting payments, select “Other Amount” rather than “Total Balance Due” or “Current Balance Due”.

Do you accept International Payments?

We accept international payments using credit cards (Visa or MasterCard). We do not accept foreign bank accounts. You will need to use your apartment address as your billing address if you do not have a US address.

Lease Agreement

How can I view my lease?

  1. Log into the Resident Portal
  2. Click or Tap on “Account History & Notes”
  3. By default you will see notes and files from the past 6 months
    1. If your lease was signed more than 6 months ago, expand your Dates to “All Dates”
  4. Click or Tap on the “Files” icon to view the documents. Optionally, you may download the file and/or print.

What if I have multiple portal accounts?

If you have rented at more than one location with us, you may have multiple portal accounts. You can switch the account you’re viewing in the top right corner where you see your account # and primary name.

You can change the default account you see when you log in by changing your settings.

  1. Click or Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner
  2. Click or Tap on “Linked Account Management”
  3. Change your Default account as desired

Optionally, if you no longer need access to an old account, you can delete the account by clicking or tapping on “User Management” from the settings.


How will I receive packages?

Packages can be delivered to your apartment address, but please keep in mind that there are multiple package carriers (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.) who may or may not have access to the lobby of your building. You are welcome to send packages to our main office and we will hold them for up to seven days.

If you would like to send packages to our corporate office, please use the following address format:

Resident Name
C/O Uptown Rental Properties
2718 Short Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

We will text you when your package arrives.

How will I receive mail?

Each apartment will receive one mail key for the mailbox. If you have roommates, you can keep the key in the apartment so everyone has access to the mailbox.

Remember to forward your mail with the post office to your new address when you move in.


Do you have a resident app?

Yes, you can use the app rather than logging into the Resident Portal, if you prefer. We still recommend using the Resident Portal for signing documents, but the app is ideal for maintenance since you can take a picture and when you add your issue.

Once you download the app, you will need our company code: uptownrp


I have maintenance questions!

Check out our Maintenance page to find answers to your maintenance questions.